Seamless Tape Extensions

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LUSH A Tape in extensions are made with the highest quality Human Remy Hair

that have the hair cuticles kept intact.

Depending on the amount of heat and styling products they will last 6-9 months

and can even last over 12 months with the correct care and maintenance.

Even if your hair colour is slightly diffrent, LUSH A Hair blends amazingly

well as it is made with a multi-tone adapt coloring system.

Tape in hair extensions are the latest technology in hair extensions.

Tape is fast, easy to t and very comfortable to wear. Tape in hair extensions is

also the least damaging of all the bonding techniques as the weight is spread

over a 4cm area and placed against the scalp.

Each tape is 4cm by 1cm in size. Each strand weighs 2.5g

Tape comes in packs of 20 tapes per colour, that makes 10 sandwiches.

Length is 20’ inches (50cm)

We recommend 2-3 packs (40 – 60 tapes) for a full set of hair

Installation time for a full head is 30-45min.

Half head: 20 tapes (50g)

Full head: 40 tapes (100g)

Hollywood head: 60 tapes (150g)

Your LUSH A Tape in hair extensions are re-usable.

Tape-ins come with the highest quality adhesive tape which should be reinstalled

with LUSH A Replacement tape every 2 months or as necessary.


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